I Support Wildlife Crossing Structures in Colorado

Help us persuade decision-makers to prioritize and build wildlife crossing structures at critical locations throughout Colorado, including across I-70 at Vail Pass!

Colorado’s roadways are dangerous for wildlife. They bisect major migration routes and force wildlife to alter important daily, seasonal and life behaviors. In 2016 nearly 7,000 animals were struck by cars on Colorado roads. These wildlife-vehicle collisions cost Coloradans nearly $54 million each year – money that is spent on insurance and medical bills, car repairs, and emergency services. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Wildlife crossing structures that help wildlife get over or under the road safely are proven to be highly effective, improve motorist safety, and pay for themselves in a matter of years.

Sign our petition to add your support for the construction of wildlife crossing structures to help animals get safely across Colorado’s roadways!

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